Personalized Party Favors, Ceramics and Yarmulkes


Meet the Artist - Sherri Sosensky

I live in Hamden, CT with my very patient and supportive husband and two beautiful daughters. I am a full-time mom with two passions: my love for my family and my love for art. So, I combined the two and work out of my home. I have the best of both worlds and my children love to paint with me. (Donít worry, we donít sell their work!)

Over the years, I learned to paint personalized toys and clothing for my children and their friends. Then neighbors started asking me to paint gifts for their extended families and friends, and before I knew it, I was in business for myself.

Craft Curiosities is a dream-come-true. I love having the artistic freedom to create new designs on clothing, party favors and ceramics. Painting items for children that celebrate our Jewish heritage is a real pleasure. Wearing a yarmulke with your favorite sport or hobby on it makes Jewish traditions more fun!


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